Think tank Agenda

Agenda is a think-tank that produces high-quality factual background briefings to public debates

Liberal Praktik
-internship program

Liberal internship provides distinguished internships in London, Brussels, Berlin, Cape Town and Washington, D.C.

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy provides leadership training, networks and an alumni program for future Swedish-speaking and bilingual leaders

Educational Activities

SBF organizes meetings, courses, seminars and conferences in cooperation with its member organizations


Svenska Bildningsförbundet (SBF) brings together the Swedish-speaking and bilingual population in Finland, promotes lively educational activities and constructive societal discussions. SBF promotes the understanding of the international community and the development of the European integration.

SBF organises courses, seminars, and conferences, as well as study circles and other educational activities. SBF builds networks between different interest groups that share SBF’s goals.

SBF’s activities are divided into five fields of activities: regular educational activities and seminars; the think-tank Agenda; Liberal praktik -internship program and the Leadership Academy as well as projects conducted in cooperation with partners. All these fields operate under SBF.